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WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? / People as a Service (PaaS)

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The highest cost for any scaling SME is its people. It makes sense to make sure those people are working effectively and they are developing their skills for what your business will need in the future. offers SME leaders access to experienced people managers who support them in developing effective people roadmaps to meet their client and product roadmaps.

We describe our People as a Service (PaaS) offer in 3 stages - In, Up & Out.

Reach out to us for a free consultation and we can review what a suitable people plan for your business could look like.





Employer Branding &

Employee Value Proposition


Resource Planning &

People Roadmap


People Attraction, Hiring &



People's Wellbeing & Employment Experience


People Performance &

People Development


People Skills &



Organisation Design &



Company Restructures &

People Change Programmes


Career Planning &

Redeployment / Retained Commercial People

HRi_Accredited_Member Digital Badge.png

Your business has been successful but you may be experiencing problems with your people. You may need someone who can translate your mission and values into core messages that will compel your people to bring your vision to life.

Congratulations! These are common problems for growing SMEs but it can be tough to work out what to do to fix them. Some will hire a senior HR manager but will you get the experience you need? has years of experience supporting scaling SMEs in solving these problems. We can give you that experience as you need it without the cost of hiring a new senior role in to your team.

Reach out to us for a free consultation and we can review what a suitable support plan for your business could look like. / PaaS
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